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Hello there!

Russian Caravan

Such a tasty tea. Go get some. It doesn’t taste strongly like lapsang souchong, so don’t be deterred by that at all. It’s much tastier, bolder and more flavorful than its components. 

Russian Caravan is a blend of oolong, keemun, and lapsang souchong teas, all produced from Camellia sinensis[1] the Chinese tea plant. It is described as an aromatic and full-bodied tea with a sweet, malty taste. Although a Chinese tea,[2] its name originates from the 18th century camel caravans that facilitated the transcontinental tea trade from tea-producing areas (namely India, Ceylon and China) to Europe via Russia. “It took at least half a year to make the six-thousand-mile journey from the Chinese border to Russia, and the voyage was harsh.”[3] Some varieties do not include lapsang souchong, thus having a less smoky flavor.[4]

The Tea Box

I brought tea with me to camp this summer. After a few days of prodding, the girls wondered what my loose leaf tea contraptions were. I ended up buying a teapot for the table and our collection of a few teas of mine sprouted into nearly a dozen teas complete with a tea shop sign (Table Six Tea Room) and even a tea party near the end of the summer.

The tea box (signed by the girls who sat at the table or were just around me during the summer…but likely tea fans) is in transit right now, because I couldn’t figure out how to get it on the plane, which means I don’t have the tea I kept. (I did leave some behind, though recent reports indicate that no one is drinking tea anymore since I left.)

Anyway, I needed more tea because it’s been 3 days and counting. I got some 2nd Flush Darjeeling even though it’s out of season, China Jasmine (Moli Hua Cha), Cinnamon and Orange Rooibos (I didn’t like Rooibos at all until I had a Vanilla Cinnamon Rooibos blend that turned me over) and another personal favorite, India Malty Assam.

Jasmine almost tastes like coffee and having grown up on the stuff, I happen to like a tea that tastes like it without being anything like it. We’re just getting started and I have some teas coming back though most are just the boring teas that I knew the girls wouldn’t drink. Part of me almost wishes I’d brought it all, given that camp ends in a week…but my table counterpart appreciates what I left behind and after long days, it can be a small bit of comfort to drink a cup of your favorite teas.

Tea Box photo to come once it arrives, as it’s headed straight to my office on my desk.